Register here with SDGS to create an account. We will send your login details once we have verified your clinical status. Please note, only registered clinicians will be eligible for registration. Once your account has been reviewed and verified we will email you to say you can purchase tests. Verified will appear next to your account name.


Search for a test you would like to purchase and add it to your shopping basket. If required, multiple tests can be purchased for the same patient. Complete the transaction details for the selected tests and finalise the payment on line.


Print off and complete the standard referral form or the specific test referral form with the patients’ details, then send it with the sample to SDGS. Our scientists will then process and analyse the sample. An email will notify you when your report is produced into your account


Transactional website goes live offering specialist genetic testing


First tests to go live are Glycogen Storage Disease Next Generation Sequencing Panels: Liver, Metabolic Myopathies / Rhabdomyolysis & Wilson Disease. 

Keep a look out for more tests added soon!