Frequently Asked Questions

As a patient, can I order a test?

Only clinicians can order tests, please see your doctor or consultant.

How do I chase up my results?

You can call us on  or email us via our contact page to find the progress of your results.

Where can I get further information?

You can call us on  or email us via our contact page. Our experienced specialists can provide you with indepth knowledge of specific tests and best outcomes from the various types of samples.

I have registered, but my account is not yet verified?

Only persons with a clinical registration are allowed to order tests, therefore each account has to be verified. This process may take 24 hours (on UK business days) while the details are confirmed, also you may be contacted to provide further details if we are unable to verify you within that period.

I would like a test that is not available on line, what should I do?

We are constantly adding new tests to the site (see the news section and email updates), however if a test is not currently available, you can contact us via our contact page and we can look to add the test to the website.


Transactional website goes live offering specialist genetic testing


First tests to go live are Glycogen Storage Disease Next Generation Sequencing Panels: Liver, Metabolic Myopathies / Rhabdomyolysis & Wilson Disease. 

Keep a look out for more tests added soon!